THIS, THAT and THE OTHER – Sabbath, SBC, and Speech!

THIS is summer time. We have our longest days right now. Our culture seems to take a shift in schedules and patterns. It is a good time to look to this Fall to see where we can be wiser. Also, it may be a very good time to revisit the idea of a weekly Sabbath. With COVID protocols added to the usual pressures, it is easy to get away from this. Let’s not act like we are smarter than God’s Word; and yielding to Jesus as LORD should help us hear Him say, “The Son of Man is also Lord of the Sabbath.” Luke 6:5

Now THAT we are past another Southern Baptist Convention, we should rejoice that God helped us and that He is very interested in us living Holy Spirit-filled lives, helping us see some divisions for what they are. In preaching about the divisions, Willy Rice used 1 Corinthians 3 to challenge us in his Convention Sermon. “There is no evidence of the individuals [in this passage] sowing division,” said Rice. “But clearly, there were those in the Corinthian fellowship using unhelpful labels and promoting division.” May the humility needed on our behalf prompt the grace promised from God. James 4:6

Now, THE OTHER is a communicative gem from a friend. Be careful how you use it! J  "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."  Jerry Durden, Pastor Kepler Road Baptist Church, Deland FL.

Glenn Rogers, June 2021

Yes, Be Faithful!

Our friend and longtime pastor here, Thom White has retired. This is after a 45 year pastoral ministry including 25 years as founding Pastor of Dayspring Community Church in Deland. As you know our Assn office is at Dayspring. What a great host Thom has been and they continue to be!

Maybe I don’t brag on our pastors publicly as much as I should. Well it is easy to do here on Thom. While I say some good things about him here, it is also to inspire us to “Yes, Be Faithful” to the end.

After some much needed rest for himself and Beverly (recently retired ICU nurse) he does have some designs on new ministries.

I have never seen a pastor finish more faithfully and strongly than Thom White. He continued in his many duties pastorally and helped lead a smooth transition including bringing in the Association to set up the Pastor Search Committee.

Beyond that, his preaching and teaching has been full of encouragement to the church to stay faithful. His words have included warnings, admonitions, and all the possibilities of how they can walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and be faithful to God going into a future that looks increasingly difficult for churches. It has reminded me of Paul’s words in Acts to the church at Ephesus as he departed.

Yet, I must say this. While the passion and emphasis has been stronger as Thom has approached the end of pastoral ministry at Dayspring, none of what he has been sharing recently is new for him. He has always built his pulpit ministry on Sundays and mid-week around a strong call to being a clear, equipped, and unashamed disciple of our Lord Jesus. He is wise on what he uses as measures for the church and its disciples. He is a man mighty in scripture and has consistently chosen truth over trends.

What a great example he is to all of us who preach the Word of God!

May God bless Thom White.

A thought from Easter Sunday

I do not know how many good sermons I missed on Easter Sunday but I do know where I heard a great one. Jerry Hunter at FBC Pierson delivered one of the finest Easter messages I have heard. I really worshipped through the Word. He had all the teaching points that were needed to carry the Gospel right into the hearts of the saints and the seekers!

Something he said prompted a study later that day. Jesus was addressed by many names during His time on earth (the Gospels) including teacher, master, Lord, and Messiah (Christ). There seems to be a shift AFTER HIS RESURRECTION! “LORD” is used over 400 times in Acts through Revelation. That is stunning and should grab our attention. The wonderful word “Savior” is used less than 30 times in the whole New Testament! Phil. 2 tells us that every tongue will confess Him as LORD. Rom. 10 tells us that for salvation we confess that Jesus as LORD and we call on the name of the LORD.  While I have seen some go too far and make Lordship almost legalistic, there is no denying the overwhelming and wonderful title of “LORD” is used prominently in the Scriptures to teach of Jesus and we should proclaim Him Lord in our ministry of the Word as well.

Glenn Rogers

This Week’s America Celebrations in Churches

As we move into July 4th weekend, many churches plan some or all of their services around being grateful for God blessing America. These can be enjoyable, refreshing, inspirational, and worshipful out of sheer gratitude. This year we should consider moving beyond that to a time of calling God’s people in His churches to prayer.

While 2 Chronicles 7:14 was a promise to Israel, it can be applied to the people of God anywhere. That said, a call to humility and a prayer for healing are frequent in the Scriptures. I believe this is the need of the hour and should have a part in our worship services on a week like this.

HUMILITY is the centerpiece of the Gospel! Jesus humbled Himself to go to the cross to pay the full penalty for our sins, and each person must humble themselves to go to the cross to experience the full payment for sins.

Humility should bring us to GRATITUDE. “Enter His gates with thanksgiving…” Ps 100:4. We know we cannot earn His blessings or favor. This is the entry to His presence.

This attitude of worship can cause us to join the chorus of the Scriptures to ask God for HEALING in the land where we live. 1 Tim. 2:1-7 is still a good prayer guide.

My prayer is that a call to humility and prayer for healing (in our need for understanding and in our hurts) will be issued from our pulpits this week. Also, I hope, it will be more than a sermon or a prayer but that the Lord will give each leader a definite plan to follow it up in immediate and future times of corporate prayer in our churches.  Again with the disciples we say, “Lord, teach us to pray…” Luke 11:1

Glenn Rogers