Many comments are being made on the state of our nation, its troubles and its future. The constant commentary is both in reaction and support for our president. The disdain and divisiveness in the media and on Capitol Hill seems to have reached a new high, or low if you will.

My burden is to tell you what I believe is one “HUGE” effect Donald Trump’s presidency will have. The “die is being cast” in this country for growing persecution of believers in Christ. The reaction to the President, as well as to conservative causes and beliefs, both political and social, is setting a mentality in motion that is beyond intolerant.  Hearts and minds are being conditioned and led to think certain points of view do not belong in “the land of the free”. This will continue, increase, and eventually include professing Christians across racial and ethnic lines.

Those naming the name of Christ in America have largely been spared the discomfort, disdain, and persecution that is common for our brethren in other nations. That is changing daily.

The Scriptures tell us of a time in Israel that “the men of Issachar” were the ones who understood the times and knew what to do. Men like this are in great need today as they can lead our churches to obey Christ’s command to “make disciples” in a context of persecution.

As a leader, are you preparing and equipping the people you serve to obey all the commands of our Lord, no matter what may come?

Glenn Rogers