Lake Yale's newest event - Exposing the Darkness March 26-27

It is more important than ever to protect students during these difficult times. If you work with children and youth it is imperative to be well educated and prepared to meet the challenges students face. These students are your responsibility while in your care. Whether it is at church, camp or youth group, it is YOUR responsibility to protect them. Exposing The Darkness is an opportunity for you, your workers and your volunteers to gain the training and certification needed to meet the unique challenges children and youth face today.


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A DAY OF PRAYER FOR OUR NATION.  Wednesday March 31  12:00 to 1:00 Pm

What is “The Washington Prayer Meeting”? Imagine Christians from all over the country being led by the Holy Spirit to come to Washington the Wednesday of Holy Week only for the cause of the Kingdom of God and only in the name of Jesus Christ. Then imagine all those Christians joining hands and wrapping all the way around the Capitol Building to pray for HEALING, HOPE, and HARVEST…for a new Great Awakening in America! This is a grassroots event counting on everyone to spread the word and make their own travel arrangements. Also, many cannot go to Washington and have asked if they could go to their state capitol. Of course! Others have asked if they could go to their local church on the 31st and pray from 12-1. Of course!! We only want people to do as God leads and pray! But we sure do hope people will join us in Washington, join hands, and circle the Capitol in prayer with Christ’s love and see what God will do.

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